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Eat, Move, Be Happy - Wellbeing Solution

For a while now I have been doing the odd bit of work here and there for groups and businesses to help people improve their habits and behaviours. You could call it, helping them improve their lifestyles, improve their eating habits, to either start or improve their exercise and to just improve the quality of their lives.

For individuals it’s clear that improved physical and mental wellbeing leads to happier, fuller lives. And more and more research shows that it also improves the way people work at their jobs, their productivity and the quality of their work.

And so, Rees Fitness is very happy (and a little bit nervous) to offer a new service! It is called Eat, Move, Be Happy and it is a complete online wellbeing service for businesses. Offering:

  • Coaching through the Eat Better course to help people change their eating habits for the better.
  • Online workouts for people to take part in at their convenience to improve strength, fitness, energy levels and overall health.
  • Online presentations and workshops, going into more depth about various aspects of health, exercise and mental health so people can learn and understand what and why.
  • Online peer support. Online groups for like minded people, so they can reach out and provide support to each other. A ready group to motivate and encourage and of course I might add in the odd wise gem on occasion.

Eat, Move, Be Happy is aimed at businesses large and small who recognise that looking after their people is the right thing to do. Please take a look and share the link below with anyone who may benefit.

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Eat, Move, Be Happy