Busy week last week

Get Moving

This is nothing more than a chance for me to blow my own trumpet for a minute, so feel free to go back to watching Game of Thrones or whatever you were doing…But last week I was a bit busy meeting and chatting to various people!

Monday – Talk with the Skipton Invisible Illnesses group about exercise, how it can help us cope, deal and manage with conditions we have. Also a great opportunity to plug Get Moving :p

Tuesday – Talk with the Sue Ryder patients at the local hospital. Again, it was all about the benefits of keeping active. I was preaching to the converted here though, because they were nearing the end of their block of physio sessions and they all wanted to know about what exercise options they had in the real world once they had finished…so another great opportunity to plug Get Moving!

Thursday – talk to the Sporting Memories group at the local doctors practice. The brief here was simple…talk about some of the random, ridiculous events I have done recently and get the group talking and interacting and reminiscing about their own.

So like I said, a good busy week getting the message out there. So if you have made it this far, I have a favour to ask. Could you help me get the message out and let everyone know about Rees Fitness, Get Moving and everything we do? I heard someone say once that we should all:

“Do a good job, then make sure people know you are doing a good job.”

After years and years I’m slowly thinking I may actually be doing a good job. But I need your help to make sure everyone else knows about it too.

So please, if you know anyone who may benefit from quality, professional training and advice, point them this way.

Thank you.