Thank you to the Skipton Invisible Illnesses group

On Monday evening, we went to have a chat with the Skipton Invisible Illnesses group about exercise and what we do at our Get Moving classes.

The group is a support group for people with conditions, illnesses and disabilities that are not obvious to the wider world. Conditions such as fibromyalga, lupus, ME, FND, anxiety, depression, PTSD and so on.

It was wonderful meeting and chatting with them. We were able to chat about some of the fundamental issues many people face when it comes to exercise. But I hope we were also able to give some practical, meaningful advice about several specific problems some of the people face.

A couple of the things that we discussed (and I’m sure I’ll come back to them in the future) were:

  • Movement first, intensity second.
  • Anything is better than nothing.
  • But for specific goals, we will need to do specific things.
  • Weight training is probably not what you think it is.
  • Everything is better if you chuck in some rude jokes.

Fingers crossed we were able to help them, and chatting to them has given me some more insights into how to help other people in the future…

So thank you once again Skipton Invisible Illnesses group. You were a great laugh and a fantastic gang!