Sometimes you gotta just clock in, do your thing, then clock out.

This is very relevant at this time of year, so I’ve been saying it a lot to people over the last week.

Everyone has had a couple of weeks off, they been eating and drinking too much and vegging on the sofa and now they are back doing exercise again.

And this first session back is hard work! Your body has been in low power mode since before Christmas and it is not used to doing all this exercise stuff! But that’s ok. Here is what you gotta do for your 1st session back…

Just clock in, do your thing, and clock out.

Don’t try to break any records. Don’t try to be as amazing as you were before Christmas. Don’t expect to feel as fit or strong as you did on your last training session. Your body has just got used to the excess food, drink and easy living over Christmas.

Now is the time for you to simply turn up to your first training session back, clock in, complete your task with minimal drama, then clock out and go home afterwards. Trust me, you will have loads of opportunity to shine and break records in a week or so time… Right now, just focus on turning up without a hangover and getting back into the swing of things…

Just like your first day back in work!