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I’ve been looking for ways to help the people I train with their eating for a long time. I’ve been trying to find a way to help them change their behaviours and habits for the better. To help them improve their health, their weight and most importantly, their self esteem.

But changing our habits and behaviours can not be done with one or two training sessions a week. It is a more in depth and long term thing. It is something that above all, requires consistency throughout the week for a prolonged period of time.

So this is why I’ve tried to put together my healthy eating mini website. Hopefully, it will guide people I train with through the process of changing their eating/drinking habits and behaviours over several weeks and months. It will help educate them about what and how they can change the way they eat for the better.

The aim is to walk people through the stages step by step. To help guide them through the twists and turns, help them around the pitfalls and bring them safely to the other side with a whole new outlook on food and their connection to it.

So. If you would like my help to improve your diet, take a look at the steps I can coach you through.

And be prepared for the homework I want you to do along the way…

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