Upcoming – Charity Mixed Netball Tournament

Get your diaries out boys and girls (and yes, I am talking to the boys too).  We got another amazing event for you…

What is it?

The Craven Dragons netball club do their annual mixed tournament.  It is for both men and women and for those with lots of netball experience and those who know absolutely nothing at all about what the hell it is (that’s me!)

We get into teams of boys and girls and play a series of short, fast, fun games of netball.  We all get stuck in and raise money for this years charity.

When is it?

Sunday December 9th at 10am.

Where is it?

South Craven School, BD20 7RL.

How do I find out more?

All the details and entry forms are on their website at:


So click there now and put your name down!  Don’t wait, do it now!