How to: Do Scapular Pressups

Name:  Scapular Pressups.

Also known as:  Pressup Plus.

Main joints used:  Shoulder girdle.

Other joints used:

Top tips:

  • Start the move in a pressup position.
  • Keep your elbows locked straight throughout the move.
  • Think of the Front Plank and keep your belly tight throughout and don’t let it, or your hips, sag down under gravity.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades back together and let your chest (NOT your belly) drop a couple of inches towards the floor.
  • Push your shoulder blades forwards and return to the starting position, so your chest is a couple of inches further away from the floor again.
  • This is only a very small move, but think about getting all the movement from your shoulder blades.

Common mistakes:

  • Bending your elbows, even a little bit.
  • Sagging your belly/hips down to the floor.
  • Jutting your head down towards the floor.
  • Hunching your shoulders up towards your ears.


This is a very nice way of learning just how it feels to have our shoulder blades pulled back.  Once we know just how much movement we have there, we can apply that  movement to many other exercises and it can be used in the long run to help look after our backs.