We don’t do anything special, but we can achieve special things…


I don’t know how to categorise this post, except I just had to say it…so here goes:

I had a lovely email from the mother/carer of one of the gang who comes to our stroke rehab classes (if you don’t know about our classes, click here for details).  Here is what it said:

“Just how did you do that!  He has come back taller and he still is today, sat and stood bolt upright after 30 years of leaning!!   Thank you…!!”

I got to say, it was bloody amazing reading that!  But the truth is, in our classes, we don’t do anything special, or magical or anything like that.  We just practice basic, fundamental movement patterns and work bloody hard at it!  We do things like push, pull, balance, twist, bend…

These are all moves I used to train myself back when doing martial arts.  It’s moves I coach people who want to be more athletic, or control their weight, or get fitter, or stronger or come back from an injury (I did these very same moves a year ago when I was recovering from my own injury).

So the things we do in these classes are nothing special.  They are simply the basic building blocks of every exercise routine on the planet…but it does go to show what amazing results we can achieve through simple moves and a hell of a lot of hard work.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that

You can do it.  You can achieve it.  Take the first step, keep slogging forwards and who knows where you might end up!