The basics of the squat

I coach everyone to do the squat as well as they possibly can.  Doesn’t matter who they are.

My stroke clients should squat because it helps them get up and out of their chair.  This means they are not confined to their chairs for the rest of their lives, so they have a much improved quality of life.

My every day clients should squat because stronger lower body muscles help keep their joints healthy and working for years to come.

And my athletic/sporty clients should squat because it improves their running, accelerating, decelerating, turning, jumping….just about every aspect of virtually every sport/activity going!

So once I’ve shown people the basics of how to do a good squat, I want them to put it into practice through the rest of the week when I’m not there.  But people forget…that’s human nature.  So here is the slideshow I send them to help them remember the important point of the squat:

Click here to see The Basics of the Squat slideshow.