Keighley stroke rehab class

Stroke Rehab

We are very lucky to have a third stroke class starting next week!

On Wednesday June 6th, 12:30-1:30pm, we will be starting a trial run of gym based sessions at Keighley Leisure Centre.

Where is it?

See the map above or click the link here.

When is it?

First session is on Wednesday June 6th, 12:30-1:30pm.  It will then run weekly for a few weeks as a trial to see how popular it is.  If it works, it will continue!  If it doesn’t, it wont.

What is it?

If you have already been to one of the classes at Skipton or Ilkley, it is important to realise, the Keighley class will be different.

The Keighley class is gym based and will focus on improving the strength, fitness and overall health of stroke survivors.  Because it is different from the regular Skipton/Ilkley classes, I have drawn up a list of Important Information for everyone:

Keighley stroke class – Important Information

  • A goal of the class is to help stroke survivors with their overall strength/fitness and to strengthen their affected side.
  • A further goal of the class is to improve the confidence and independence of participants in a gym environment.  The better you are in a gym, the better you can be in your rehabilitation!
  • This class is held in a professional gym environment, using professional weights and fitness machines.
  • This class is wheelchair friendly.
  • It is suitable for stroke survivors who already have fairly good coordination and mental awareness.  It is very strongly recommended that participants attend their first few sessions with a carer/helper to aid them with the gym equipment.
  • If you are unsure if this class is for you, please come to either the Skipton or Ilkley classes where Cerin can assess and advise you in more detail.
  • Participants will be shown how to use the full range of gym equipment and given full advice on how to progress and improve.
  • While full support, advice and motivation will be supplied by the instructor, Cerin, participants and their carer/helper will be expected to work as independently as possible.

How much is it and do I need to book?

The cost of the class will be approx £5.10 (I’ll confirm in the next few days) and you can book in advance through the Keighley Leisure Centre (I’ll post exact details as soon as they are nailed down).

If this is your first time…

If you have not attended any of the Skipton, Ilkley or new Keighley classes before, please contact me and ask any questions in advance by clicking here.

And please fill out a very short and simple screening questionnaire (click here) so I will have a heads up as to you and your current ability.