Real core training, real results – Workshop

Real Core Training, Real Results

Recently I have been approached by a few people who need stronger cores for various reasons.  These reasons have included:

  • Skiing
  • Horse riding
  • Mountain biking
  • Injury rehab

But to be honest, we can all benefit from putting our core through it’s paces.  With a strong and stable core, we are less injury prone, have less achy backs, look better/sexier and can just do stuff in our lives so much better!

So I’ve taken the opportunity to put together a practical workshop to help people.  This is not a standard “abs workout”.  If all you want is an excuse to film yourself for instagram and complain about how much your abs are sore the next day, don’t bother.

However…if you are actually interested in training your core so you can perform better in sport, recreation, work and life…Then stick with me.

This workshop is aimed to:

  • Educate you
  • Improve your understanding
  • Teach you the principles to effective core training
  • Help you avoid wasting your time on ineffective methods
  • Minimise your risks of back problems
  • Maximise your performance in sport and everyday life.

So take a look at the workshop presentation below.  And don’t forget, in the practical workshop I’ll be there, coaching you through it, answering questions and making adaptations where needed.

Click here to see the workshop slides.

Click here to book the practical workshop for your team, club or class.