Achilles repair – Day 53. Physio #1

Went for my first physio appointment this morning.  It was just a routine check in to see who I am, what happened to me and what my condition is at the moment.  So here goes…

My homework is:

  • Continue doing what I have been doing for the past week.  Namely to wear the boot whenever I’m not sitting/laying down.  This is in case I lose my balance or put my foot down wrong and put too much strain on the achilles and snap it again before it has strengthened up.
  • When I am sitting/laying down, keep doing what I am currently doing and move the ankle.  It is stiff because of swelling and being immobile for nearly 2 months, so need to keep soft tissue healthy and mobile.
  • I should continue pointing my foot, then flexing it back as far as I can actively move it under its own strength (avoid external stretching it back for another week or 2).  
  • When I initially point my foot, I can really feel a “bunching up” of my achilles.  But this is almost certainly due to general stiffness and from being in the boot, because after about a minute of movement, that “bunching up” feeling has gone.
  • I should continue massaging my tendon and ankle.  This helps prevent the scar becoming overly sensitive and is good for the quality of the soft tissue.  So my tennis ball rolling will continue!
  • I almost certainly have the ends of one of the tendon repair sutures sticking out of my scar (I thought I may have).  But that is ok, it should dissolve away soon enough.  And any issue, just go to the nurse and they will deal with it.
  • The big lump I have about an inch above my scar is possibly from where they would clamp my muscle/tendon during surgery.  Apparently they do that to make sure it doesn’t flap the snapped end around while they are stitching it back together!  It is ok though, because after about 5 minutes of movement and massage, it fades away until I put the boot back on.

So here are my other instructions and best guesses for the near future (bare in mind, these can change):

  • Don’t do anything without the boot unless I’m sat or laying down.  So that means my ideas of trying the swimming pool are out.
  • Very very very unlikely to be doing the 5k Santa Fun Run this winter in anything other than a walk.  Dissapointing, but I can live with it.  Doesn’t mean I can’t cover the distance at a slow pace.  No worries.
  • The 10 mile, 2 hill, night run in Scotland I have booked at the start of March will be touch and go.  If I’m lucky, I’ll be ok, if I’m unlucky, I won’t be ready.  So keep your fingers crossed.
  • I certainly wont be able to drive for another month while I still have this boot on.  Will see after that, because it depends on how much strength/control I have in my left foot to work the clutch.
  • I can’t get out on my bike for at least a month either.  Argh!!!  The uncertainties of putting my foot down in a strange way and the power going through the ankle while peddling at not good.

So my next physio appointment is next Thursday.  And in the meantime I continue with my mobility homework and I’m going to have to double down on my punch bag to keep me from losing any more cv fitness.  

And because it looks like I’m going to continue to be house bound for at least another month, I’m warning you now…I’m going to be pushing my Online Training onto everyone hard!  Like I tell everyone, “There is always a Plan B”…well, my Online Training is my Plan B.  Just thought I would warn you in advance!

So, in case you have no idea what I’m on about…please take a look at my Online Training options!

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