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Healthy eating and nutrition

If you do a quick google search, you will find a few million diets out there promising you the latest, greatest, most high tech way of shedding pounds of fat.  They promise astonishing results using only them most revolutionary techniques that the internet has been trying to hide from you.

Well, I’m not a marketing genius.  Instead I’m just quite a good coach.  So I’m not going to insult you by promising all that blatant bullshit.  Instead, this course I’ve put together aims to:

  • Help you change your eating habits for the long term
  • Help break you out of a lifetime of yo-yo dieting
  • Teach you the simple basics of nutrition without trying to con you with buzzwords and bullshit
  • Give you practical hints and tools to help you change the way you think and feel about food
  • Take you step by step and cover topics such as the following:
    • Eating styles
    • Food diaries
    • What a healthy meal should look like
    • How to weigh and measure yourself properly
    • Most important healthy eating habits and how to develop them
    • Carbs, proteins and fats – are they good, bad or ugly?
    • Portion control
    • Planning ahead

I’m not going to lie to you on this course.  I don’t have a hidden agenda.  I want to help you become more aware of your eating and drinking so you can enjoy your food and live a healthy, active life.

And just so we are totally clear on this, while this course is free, it is not worthless.  So you got nothing to lose except your unhealthy relationship with crap food.  So click below, sign up, and week by week see how your eating habits change for the better…

Click here to register for your FREE healthy eating course.

And finally, I have a favour to ask.  Like I said, I’m no marketing genius, but I am a pretty good coach.  So if I can help you with your eating, can you help me with my marketing?  If this course is any good for you, please help me by sharing this page as much as you can.  Use your social media, email it to your family and friends.  Tell the people in your local team/club/gym.  Anything would help, so thank you!

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