Movement is good for us…ALL of us

Stroke rehab

This morning I was honored to be asked to do a demonstration of the Stroke Rehab Classes I take on Friday afternoons.  It was for the Silsden Stroke Support Group (3rd Tuesday of each month, contact me for details) and we did our regular warm up and a few of the simple exercises to show the group.

In that group, there were stroke survivors, but also some carers, volunteers and even a gentleman who suffers from MS.  After the demo, I was chatting to the people (including the many “able bodied” carers who had joined in) and everyone noticed a similar thing….everyone who did the exercises felt better for it!  Not just the stroke survivors, but the volunteers, carers and everyone!

Too often, the class is seen as just “special exercises for these poor people”.  We don’t do any special exercises.  I’ve not learned any amazing secret tricks just for stroke survivors.  We do hard, physical activity to help strengthen muscles, bones, improve coordination, balance, agility/dexterity and generally make our bodies fitter, stronger and more robust for the rest of our lives.  And that is exactly what we all need, whether we have had a stroke of not.

And it was lovely seeing everyone joining in together, getting stuck in, working hard and feeling better for it afterwards!

This morning I was taking a stroke rehab class, then half an hour later I was coaching a couple of women in their early 20’s to get them ready for a 12 mile obstacle course!  A couple of years ago I helped train my good friend to get in the army.  And you know what?  I used the same training principles for all of them.  No different.

It was great seeing able bodied people taking part in the class today and realising how bloody hard my boys and girls in the stroke rehab class work!  And it was especially great seeing when they realised how much it helped them too!

The rehab classes I take are based on movement of the body…the personal training sessions I take for able bodied people are based on movement of the body.  Because movement of the body is good for us…ALL of us!