So we did Nettle Warrior 2016 last Sunday…

So there was no Broughton Hall bootcamp last weekend because a few of us took part in Nettle Warrior 2016.

This was my 3rd time doing Nettle Warrior and I’ve always enjoyed it loads.  But since my first go I’ve learned that their pre-event “information” packs are hilariously rubbish, so you never really know what is going on until you actually turn up and do it!

Anyway, this time it turned out to be about 10.2 miles in length and I really did enjoy it again.  Especially the best warm up I’ve ever seen!  We were warmed up and cheered along the way by the Ghost Squad, and they were fantastic!  You can really see how the Vikings were riled up ready for battle!

Anyway, this year I couldn’t be bothered to take my camera with me, so you will have to make do with the footage from 2 years ago.

Next week…Tough Mudder!