Broughton Hall, Sundays 9am

Broughton Hall Bootcamp

Important Announcement!

By request, as of this Sunday, our Broughton Hall Bootcamp will change starting times to 9am.  This gives us all a reason to get up in the morning, and also means we have the rest of the day to play.

So, to test this theory out, here is a plan for this Sunday:

  • 9am – Outdoor Bootcamp at Broughton Hall.  Running, jumping, climbing, throwing, crawling and generally arsing about outdoors…whatever the weather.  Click here for more details!
  • 11am – Free, informal mystery jog somewhere.  I wont announce exactly where until the Broughton Bootcamp.  But it will be a flat run (no hills) and probably about 3 miles or so.  It will obviously be off road, so bring a change of shoes with you.

So please, tell your friends about this change of times and hope to see you there!