Healthy eating rules – Include lots of different coloured fruit and veg with every meal

Rainbow of coloursI like to teach people the 10 Rules To Healthy Eating.

The second rule to healthy eating is “Include lots of different coloured fruit and veg with every meal”.

Hopefully you already know we should all be eating more fruit and veg.  But just in case you don’t…eat more fruit and veg!  And don’t tell me “I already eat plenty of fruit and veg“.  Because if you are looking to control your weight or eat healthier (and I’m assuming you do because you are reading this), it is safe to say you can improve by eating more.  Just accept that fact and move on.  It saves time.

So fruit and veg contain various vitamins, minerals and a bunch of other stuff I am going to bundle under the heading “good stuff”.  And if you have read any newspaper or magazine over the last few years you will know that some fruit/veg contain more/less of these various Good Stuff compared to others.  But which fruit/veg contain which Good Stuff?  Which ones should you choose for the best nutients?  There are so many to choose from!  How can we remember them all!  Oh my god!  What are we to do!?

Luckily, it is easy.  Because as a very rough rule of thumb, different colours in fruit/veg mean they are high in different Good Stuffs.  So:

  • Green things help us in this way.
  • Red things help us in that way.
  • Orange things help us in other way.
  • Blue things help us in ways you never even thought of.
  • Etc

So we could either get so wound up trying to remember the latest hyperbole jizzed out by the daily mail…or we could relax, enjoy life and say 

“Buggerit!  I’m going to get plenty of all the colours and cover all my bases!”

This way you get all the “Good Stuff”, none of the worry and you get a nice, varied taste to your meals too.  Perfect!  I love simplifying stuff!

So here is your homework.

For the rest of this week, at every meal you sit down to, ask yourself this one, simple question:

“How can I add more coloured fruit and veg to this meal”.

Honestly.  It is as simple as that.  Ask yourself that question.  Take 5 minutes to actually think of some answers.  Don’t worry, there is no right or wrong answers.  The important bit is that you take a minute to try to think of ways that will work for you.

Then you bloody well act on it…


So what did you tink of the above article?  Did you like it?  Did it make sense to you?  Do you know someone who might be interested in it too?

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Thank you very much!