Healthy eating – The less processed the food, the better

Healthy eating and nutrition

I try to help people control their weight by following the 10 simple rules to healthy eating (click here if you don’t know what I mean).  Here I want to try to talk a bit more about the first of these rules…The Less Processed The Food, The Better.

When I talk about processing food, I’m talking about how we humans change it in various ways.  It can range from simply cooking food, or grinding grain to make flour or leaving milk out for ages until you discover yogurt or cheese!

So here is a massive oversimplification for you…

“The more we humans process food, the more we mess it up.”

So the more we put it through industrial processes in factories to creat a “product”, the more of the goodness we remove from the original food.  Ask yourself, if little Jonnies brightly coloured breakfast cereal is so good for him, why does it need to be fortified with so many vitamins and minerals??

So here is some homework for you.  Take a look at the following picture of a loaf of bread.  Try to figure out which one has been processed the least (closer to it’s original ingredients) and the most (furthest from it’s original ingredients):

White and wholegrain bread

Did you guess correctly?  And for bonus points, guess which kind is healthier and more filling for us?

And how about this next pic…can you guess if the potato or crisp is the least processed?  And can you guess which one is better for us?

Potato and crisps

Now if you want to make one, simple but very effective change to improve your diet, next time you go food shopping, ask yourself the simple question:

“Does this look like it came straight from the farm/sea or from a factory?”