Full Moon 5k (ish)

Full Moon 5k (ish)

What is Full Moon 5k (ish)?

I always like a full moon.  I guess it’s because I grew up re-watching An American Werewolf in London.  But now I actually get to go around Yorkshire during a full moon and try to “stay, on, the path”!

So, it’s a full moon each month and if you want to join me for an easy 5k(ish) jog, feel free.  

  • We will arrange a time and place to meet up.
  • It honestly will be an easy jog.  No dashing or silly stuff.  Just an excuse to get out and about in the moonlight with some friends.
  • The route will be about 5k, give or take a bit, depending on exactly where we are doing it.  But it won’t be nasty or hard.

Who is it for?

Any fitness level.  If you want to dash it full speed, feel free to do just that.  But I really, honestly will be going at a very nice, comfy pace, making sure I can chat to my friends.

When is it?

The clue is in the title…Full Moon!  

Where is it?

We will arrange a route in the weeks prior to the event.

How far is it?

It will around about 5k (ish).  Maybe a little bit longer/shorter, but not by too much.

How much is it?

Nothing.  It’s free.  Just an excuse for me to get out and about in the full moon and to improve my social skills 🙂

Any important bits I should remember?

  1. It’s a night run, so you MUST bring suitable head torch and hi-viz clothing.  If you don’t bring them and you get lost/die/vanish into a spaceship…well, we will morn you in the pub at some point in the future.
  2. It is outdoors, so you MUST check the weather before you come out.  If you come in your bikini/speedos when the weatherman warned of snow/gales/monsoon…well, you’re an idiot and we won’t morn you in the pub some point in the future.