Upcoming in 2015: Trollers Trot

This is continuing the rundown of some of the events I seem to be doing next year.  For the full list of stuff I’ve signed up for/thinking of doing, see my Upcoming Events calendar by clicking here.

Take a look at them and see if you want to join in the fun too!

March 7th – Trollers Trot.  http://trollerstrot.com/

Trollers Trot

A self navigating 12 or 25 mile run through stunning Yorkshire scenery.

I was just told about this a day or 2 ago, so don’t know too much about it yet.  But it promises to show me lots of new places I can take people training.  It will also force me to work on my weakness…running.

I’m the same as everyone else.  If I’m not good at something, I avoid it.  And by avoiding it I just avoid getting any better at it.  So this is my way of making me improve in the thing I’m a bit embarressingly bad at.  If you like seeing me being crap, join me on this 🙂