Upcoming FLASHmobs…

Upcoming FLASHmob Fitness training is as follows:

September Strength & Fitness Assessment – 7/9/14.

If you don’t know what this is, I’ve explained it all before, so click here to find out.  And click here to register your name.

FLASHmob Saturday Breakfast – 20/9/14.

I’m going to have a reccie round Thruscross reservoir for the 1st time.  I’ve never been there before but I’ve been lead to believe there is a nice, 4.5 mile route around it.  So I’m going to investigate.  Join me if you want.  But afterwards we are going to have a posh slap up breakfast at MacKenzies Smoke House.  So don’t forget to bring your pennies for food (yum yum!)  Click here to register for Saturday training and breakfast.

FLASHmob Sunday Breakfast – 21/9/14.

I’m assuming it will be amazing on the Saturday, so why not do it a second time??  Click here to register for Sunday morning training and breakfast.