“You don’t let me get away with things like the others do!”

“You don’t let me get away with things like the others do!”

BodypumpI’ve nothing much to say today except to blow my own trumpet.  Because this was a lovely compliment (well, I took it as a compliment, anyway) I got from a couple of ladies the other day.

I had to step in when a Body Pump instructor couldn’t do their class.  Now, I’ve no idea how to take a Body Pump class, so I didn’t even try to.  Instead, I set up a simple weights circuit for everyone to do.  So while the moves were not all that different from what they usually do, the way we did them obviously was!

It seems a couple of the fundimental ways things were different were:

  • Correcting technique – I was able to point out some common errors and compensations and help them correct them.  I got them to think:

“Do the easier version well, rather than the harder version shit“.

  • Challenging their self imposed limits – At some point in the past they had told themselves that 2.5kg squats was enough and 5kg squats sounded a big number…so they never even tried!  And no one had ever asked them to even try a little more.

So I’m happy that if nothing else, I did the above 2 things.  Because if we are doing things well and we are working hard, I reckon we are 90% of the way there!

And as always, if you think I could coach you to be healthier, fitter and stronger, I am available for hire!