Quality over quantity. Or, it’s not what you do, it’s the way you do it.

PushupsI was taught the important things are worth repeating.  So I know I have probably gone ove this subject before, but what the hell.

I like to think I help people move better and for a purpous.  And I was talking to someone about our monthly Assessments (next one coming up in just a few days) and how we find out how many pressups we can do in 2 minutes.  They then went and had a go themselves and did 50% more than my best score.  They went off feeling very smug (good for them)…

However, what they did was, at best, half pressups.  Their elbows barely bent 45 degrees, their head was bobbing up and down like something I couldn’t possibly comment on and their chest was never closer than 6 inches from the floor.  In short, they were being very good at moving like crap.

Train with me and you will end up moving well, moving efficiently, moving safe.  You will end up doing a few good things really well, that will transfer into your everyday lives.

I have no interest in teaching you to move like crap.  Anyone can do that.

Concentrate on doing things well.  You are worth it.