Summer Yorkshire Dales Bike Ride

Spending your spare time getting fitter, stronger and basically more attractive to members of the opposite/same sex?

Want to put that fitness/strength/hotness to some actual good use?

Sunday August 10th, a few of us are going for a bike ride in the Yorkshire Dales.  It will be about 28 miles in length, starting and finishing in Hawkswick (near Kilnsey), going to Settle and back, via Malham Tarn.

Click here for the route we are thinking of taking…a total of 830 vertical metres of climbing…should be interesting.  But that also means 830m worth of whizzing downhill!  Yay!

So this will involve a few hill, but we got a couple of months from today to get ready, so no worries.

Now I’m no serious cyclist at all!  I’ll be poddling around on my heavy mountain bike, so if you are a super bike racer, feel free to whizz on ahead…but I’ll be busy enjoying the scenery, saying hello to all the cows and horses we meet along the way and probably bitching about my sore arse and the steepness of these bloody hills!  I’m also planning on stopping for food/drinks at any/all pubs that take my fancy or have a rude sounding name.

If that’s your plan too, feel free to join me!

So, Eventbrite - Rees Fitness Yorkshire Dales bike ride to add your name to the list so we all know who is coming and I can email you any important details.  Or keep up to date on the details by checking back on this webpage, or follow the facebook or twitter feeds.

Do it now!