What should I wear when I come training outside?

Base Layers

We do a lot of our training outdoors.  Our FLASHmob sessions are all outdoors and in all weather conditions all through the year (deepest, darkest winter included).  So if you have only ever trained indoors or in a nice gym before, here are some tips on what to wear when you join us out side.

First of all, bare in mind that we train in North Yorkshire, so the weather can be changable, from very cold to very wet to very hot.  Bear in mind that as I write this we are just coming out of winter, so I will have training in cold weather at the forefront of my mind…


This is the most important thing.  Lots of thin layers are much better than 1 big thick layer.  Not only does it keep me warmer in colder weather, but it lets me move much better.  I feel like a marshmallow man wearing a big puffer jacket.  I tend to wear base layers, then as many long sleeved tops as I feel I need.  I like to start with more layers than I probably need, but then strip them off as I warm up during training. 

Waterproof over trousers.

You may not need these.  I like to wear them simply because of the amount of times I’m out in the mud.  Without them, I would need at least twice as many sets of trousers and underwear, because they would be perminantly in the wash!  And at the risk of sounding a softy, its much easier getting down and doing situps in wet/muddy grass when you know your not going to have a cold, wet, dripping arse for the rest of the session…


A simple running hat to keep my head warm.  I usually need to take it off well before the end of training, but it’s nice to start with or when the wind is blowing a gale.  Now spring is here, I’ll need this less and less, but i stick keep it in a pocket just in case.  I get grouchy if I have a cold head…

Weightlifting Gloves


Extremities are always at risk of getting cold or scratched/scraped.  And with the scrambling over rocks/trees/walls etc we do, I find gloves a good protection from rough surfaces.  Over the last few years I’ve used these simple, leather weight lifting gloves.  They are cheap as chips and hard wearing.  I have used them through dozens and dozens of training sessions and many outdoor events/challenges such as Tough Mudder, Born Survivor, Rat Races etc.  If it is too cold outside, I wear a pair of thin liner gloves underneath.  Works like a charm.


Elasticated neck tube (http://www.buffwear.co.uk/).  Absolutly amazing at keeping the wind and cold out of your neck and down your clothes.  Not needed nearly as much now spring is here, but I still like to have one close to hand in case.

Trail trainers.

Outdoor trainers with a good grip.  My current favorite are from http://www.inov-8.com/  For some reason though, they are always on the small side, so I always need to buy a size larger than normal.

Head Torch.

Head Torch

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, it is more likely that we will end up outside in the dark.  A head torch is essential.  The last thing you want is to stumble over uneven ground and hurt yourself.  Make sure you can see stuff and make sure you can be seen.

Drink bottle (full of water, obviously).

As the year progresses, can’t stress how important this can be.  I’ve learned the hard way what training out in the sun without drinking enough water.  I was lucky and all I suffered was the most cracking headache for a day or 2.  At worst as the temperature rises, you can put yourself in danger.

Sun cream.

This is def only a summer requirement!  Not needed this for months now!  But, outdoors you can be exposed to whatever sun we get in North Yorkshire.  But that can be more than enough to cook your skin off if you are not careful.