FLASHmob Fitness Assessment

Fitness Assessments

Each month, we hold a special FLASHmob Fitness Assessment.  This is simply 5 standard exercises that we can replicate each month and record the results.

I’ve already written about what “assessments” are, and how they are different from “tests”.  So if you are interested, click here to find out my thoughts on the subject.

We do the FLASHmob assessment consistently each time so we can compare our performance from month to month and see how our strengths and weaknessess are changing over time.  The assessment covers general cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength/endurance, core strength/stability and overall work capacity.  The exercises are:

  • Maximum pressups in 2 minutes.
  • Maximum situps in 2 minutes.
  • Maximum burpees in 2 minutes.
  • Timed crawl on your hands/toes (easier) or elbows/toes (harder).
  • Timed 1.5 mile cross country run.

But a common thing we hear from people is:

“Ooo, er!  Let me get a bit fitter first, then I’ll take the assessment!”

First off, that is a totally understandable feeling to have.  We all go into these kind of things slightly nervous about being rubbish and embaressing ourselves in front of others.  Especially if we are new to exercise.  But trust me on this…we make our biggest and fastest gains in the first couple of months of exercise.  So if you want a huge boost in your confidence, I strongly urge you to assess your strengths/weaknessess near the start.  

Because when you look back in a couple of months time and see by how much you have improved, you will be smiling all day!

Anyone is welcome to take part in our fitness assessments.  We hold them each month as part of our outdoor group training sessions.  Find out about these by:

Good luck and hope to see you soon!