Upcoming events: Born Survivor – 21st Sept.

Photo © James Kirby

September is going tyo be a big month for us, with plenty of fun and games.  Not least of which is happening on September 21st…I’m talking about Born Survivor!

“BORN SURVIVOR is a Military Assault Course themed event, designed by members of the elite corps of Mountain and Artic Warfare specialists of the Royal Marine Commandos. Our courses give you the chance to test your all round fitness, mental determination and team work against the same type of challenges and standards as the British Army. You will have to overcome authentic military style obstacles, some special ‘survivor surprises’, muscle draining mud, rugged terrain, baltic river crossings and your own self doubt to be a SURVIVOR.”

On September 21st, we will all be taking our team and travelling up to Lowther Castle for a killer 10km (ish)…and I can’t wait!  It looks like it will be using the natural terrain as much as possible, including 1,000ft ascent, multiple river crossings and bogs.  

The bit I am especially looking forward to is the “Killer K”…described as 10 obsticles in 1km.  So as soon as you have covered one, you’re faced with another…and another…and yet another!  Love it Smile

Personally, I bloody hate running.  As far as I can see, it’s only good to get me to the next interesting bit on the map as quickly as possible.  So the prospect of lots of interesting bits and not much running is filling me with such joy!

Also, I was having a great chat with the guy in charge the other week (he sounds a top bloke, and my sister knows him from way back and insists he is a top bloke!) and he was giving me a sneaky heads up on some of the obstacles.  A couple of which are the sort I have never encountered before in any of the events I have done…truly original.

We got a team entered already (go Faceplanters!), so join us in Cumbria if you dare!  Give us a wave if you spot us there.

Click here for the Born Survivor website:  www.born-survivor.com

Click here to enter:  www.born-survivor.com/enlist.php

Click here to find them on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/bornsurvivoradventure

Click here to follow them on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/BornSurvivorUK