Upcoming Events: 2.8 Hours Later.

2.8 Hours Later...As you can see from the Upcoming Events page, we are going to be playing 2.8 Hours Later!  What the hell is it, I hear you cry!  Well, their website says this:

“It is an adrenaline fuelled cinematic experience like no other, catapulting you to the heart of the zombie action. You will make choices and sacrifices that {will} determine whether you and your friends survive. Honed by the latest bio-technology and a year in the making, Asylum is the only street game of it’s size and reputation in the world.

A Politically charged, gore filled, roller coaster ride of fear that will thrill newcomers and fans alike. Come Play.”

We played it last year in Manchester, so here is my description of it:  a hybrib mashup of a treasure hunt, while being chased by zombies.  Oh, and did I mention it is an absolute riot of fun?!

We rocked up at an old, derelict warehouse in the dark shades of the city, where the game begins.  You play in groups of up to 8 people, get given a simple map of the city and told to go to your next grid reference.  Your job is to survive the next 2.8 hours, as you attempt to make your way through the zombie apocolypse.  You will meet survivors of the zombie plauge who will help you, but also victims!  

Zombie chaseThese victims will chase  you, screaming, covered in blood and gore through the buildings, streets and allyways.  Your job is to avoid getting caught and “infected” by the brain eating living dead until you reach the safety of the zombie disco and bar at the end.

My favorite bits from the Manchester game was sprinting flat out down the middle of the shopping district, chased by blood soaked zombies, while the general public carried on shopping around us.  Loved it!  It certainly gets your heart racing!

So sign up, bring your running shoes and be prepared for a chase for your life!  We are probably going to do the Leeds game on the Saturday.  If you want to be in our gang of up to 8, contact me.  Otherwise, gather some friends together and sign up yourself.  Trust me, it is worth it!

Click below to see us being chased in Manchester last year.  Sorry about the crappy quality of the video, my old camera was pretty much dead by this point…

Click here to go to the 2.8 Hours Later webpage.