Upcoming Events: Sheffield Man of Steel – Sunday July 21st.

Sheffield Man of SteelBecause I get bored far too easily, I’ve lined up a few events for the upcoming year.  If you want to check them out, click on the Upcoming Events page.  We have already done the Yorkshire Warrior and Dirty Weekend and the next on the list is the

Sheffield Man of Steel!

Their website describes it as:

“An extreme 5km and 10km foot racedesigned to push you to your limits through the hills and spill of Graves park.  Be prepared to splash, struggle, climb and crawl your way over, under and through both natural and man-made tough tests.”

Water crossingThe Sheffield Man of Steel has a special place in my heart to be honest.  Back in 2011, it was the first outdoor event I ever entered.  Me and Jane did it in preparation for the Nettle Warrior later in the summer and me and Linda did it again last year.  So this July we are hoping to take a few people along with us to give them a lovely introduction to arsing about outside!  Why don’t you join us?

The Man of Steel is a perfect introduction to outdoor events.  You can chose to do either the 5km or 10km course.  But because the 10km version is simply 2 laps of the 5km, I would highly recommend everyone to enter the longer one.  This way, if you absolutly love it, you have the option to carry on round for more fun.  But if you hate it, you can simply drop out after 1 lap.

If the course is the same this year, it is going around Graves Park in Sheffield making good use of the natural terrain and a few, simple, man made obstacles along the way.  For example, there is:

  • a duck pond that needs crossing (water is up to my waist)
  • grassy hills that need climbing
  • logs and fallen trees that need getting over
  • high, steep slopes that need scrambling up
  • nets that need crawling under
  • walls that need climbing over (my chest height)
  • monkey bars that need swinging across

Monkey barsThese are nothing that are going to stop anyone in their tracks and if you have been along to any of our FLASHmob sessions, nothing that you haven’t already done before.  But the atmosphere is great, surrounded by like minded people who all just want to get stuck in and have a good time!

I thouroughly recommend the Sheffield Man of Steel as a fantastic beginners event.  Even if you think

“I can’t do that!”

…give it a go and you will be surprised.  So click on their website here and enter today!