How to: Do Arm Step Out

Arm Step Out - Good

Arm Step Out – Good

Name:  Arm Step Out.
Also known as:   (If you know these by any other name, please leave a comment below).
Main muscles used:  Belly.
Other muscles used:  Shoulders, lats.
Top tips:

  • Set yourself up in a Pressup position.
  • Keep your belly very tight and your bottom down from the start.
  • Keeping your body rigid and straight, take a step forwards with one arm, then the other, before returning to the start position.

Common mistakes:

  • Letting your hips hang down low and arching your back down.
  • Letting your body roll side to side.
  • Letting your body bend or sway as you step your arms forwards/backwards.
  • Only doing little, tiny steps with your arms.

Arm Step Out - BadComments: This is a dynamic progression to the Front Plank.  When your arms are stepped forwards, the move is simply a harder version of the Front Plank.  But when your hand is in motion, there is a strong twisting force acting on your body that your midsection has to work hard to control.  This is what makes it a good move. Start by making sure you can do the move slowly and under control.  As with many of these exercises, quality is most important.