How to: Do Cossack Mobility Stretch

Cossack mobility stretch

Cossack mobility stretch

Name:  Cossack mobility stretch
Also known as:   (If you know these by any other name, please leave a comment below).
Main muscles used:  Bum, hamstrings, adductors.
Other muscles used:
Top tips:

  • Your feet will be approximately 2 shoulder widths apart.
  • Bend one leg right down so your bum is touching the heel.
  • The “back” foot will be on its toes, while the “front” foot will be on its heel with toes pointing straight upwards.
  • The “back” knee and hip will be as bent as they will go, while the “front” knee will be locked straight.
  • Using your elbow, push the “back” knee backwards to feel a stretch in the groin.
  • Sink your bottom as close to the floor as you can to feel a stretch on the back of the “front” leg.
  • Keeping your feet where they are on the floor, shift your bodyweight and bum from one leg to the other.
  • Sink into the stretch for a second, then return to the start and repeat.
Cossack mobility stretch - from the top

Cossack mobility stretch – from the top

Common mistakes:

  • Failing to drop the bum as low as possible to let it touch your heel.
  • Having your feet too close together.
  • Failing to “open” the hips by pressing the “back” knee backwards.
  • Letting your bum rise up high when shifting your weight across to the other leg.
  • Moving your feet instead of moving your bum from side to side.

Comments: I found this drill one of the most effective before my Karate training.  It opened up my hips and allowed me to move my legs and hips better, faster and stronger. Hips that can move effectively through a large range of movement can improve your performance of most activities.  This ranges from everyday moves like sitting/standing/climbing stairs, to high level athletic moves such as kicking/running/jumping.