How to: Do a Reverse Lunge

Backward Lunge - Good

Backward Lunge – Good

Name:  Reverse Lunge
Also known as:  Backwards Lunge.  (If you know these by any other name, please leave a comment below).
Main muscles used:  Bum, legs.
Other muscles used:

Top tips:

  • Start and end the move standing tall and balanced.
  • Take a stride straight backwards with one leg, landing on the toes.  Keep the heel pointing straight upwards (don’t let it twist in/out).
  • Take as long and low stride as your flexibility and balance will allow.
  • Try to get your back knee as close to the floor as possible without cracking it on the ground.
  • Keep your belly tight and body tall and feel a stretch at the front of the back hip.
  • Dig the heel of the front foot into the floor and start to stand back up straight, keeping your belly tight and body tall throughout.
  • Repeat with the other leg.
Backward Lunge - Bad

Backward Lunge – Bad

Common mistakes:

  • Not stepping back far enough.
  • Not stepping low enough.
  • Hunching your back forwards.
  • letting the front knee cave inwards.
  • Letting the back foot collapse in/out.

Comments: This is a progression of the normal Lunge.  Stepping backwards into the “unknown” can be a bit nerve wracking, so this can help your confidence and body awareness.  The longer and lower you go with this move, the more of your bum and hamstrings are used.  It can also be used as a fantasic hip mobility exercise. If you know anyone who may benefit from this, please share it with them using the buttons below.  Thanks.