Women, never lift more than 10 kiograms. It is DANGEROUS!

It is official.  A lady at work told me about a chiropractor who says that women should not squat with more than 10 kilograms, because it is dangerous for them. He did not say that a particular woman, with a particular injury, should not use more than 10 kilos…no, he said no women should do it…

Horse Shit

Horse Shit

That is the biggest load of sexist, misogynistic, stupid and just plain wrong horse shit I have heard in ages!  How does a supposedly educated person lump over 3.5 billion people together and make such a sweeping, idiotic, statement? I bet he is the same kind of person who think that women shouldn’t do pressups in case their womb falls out (I have heard people say this…and believe it!) It is little wonder that so many of us are out of condition, when we have people telling us how weak and pathetic we are and how we are going to snap in half at any moment! Twat! Sorry.  It pisses me off when people infantilise women (or anyone, come to think of it). OK, rant over now.

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