Recommended Reading: Food – a fact of life

Food, a fact of life – I can’t remember how I stumbled on this webpage, but it is aimed at school teachers/parents trying to teach healthy nutrition to kids. Having said that, I know for a fact that most adults (myself included) can learn a lot from it.  Just some of the things on the webpage include:

  • Videos showing the basics of how to cook in general, and how to cook some nice actual recipes.
  • Dozens of simple recipes to knock up yourself in your kitchen.  If you can’t find a few you like the look of, you are odd in the head!
  • Cooking lessons aimed at 3-16 year olds (I learned things from the ones aimed at the 3 year olds!).
  • Posters you can download and print out helping explain all about food/nutrition etc.
  • eSeminars – these are video presentations given by experts to a “live” audience on the web.  This audience can participate, ask questions of these experts etc.  And best of all, they have recordings of previous eSeminars that you can watch and learn from (but obviously not participate in, duh!)

So please go take a look at this webpage and spend a couple of days browsing through it.  If you are struggling to control your bodyweight, it can help you loads. Alternatively, you can hire me and I can do it for you 🙂