Taking regular breaks from desk ‘good for the heart’

Taking lots of breaks from sitting at a desk is good for the waistline and heart health, research suggests.  Click here to read the news story in full. Research showing that if you sit around all day, you will get unhealthy.  But if you regularly get up on your feet (even for a minute or so) you can improve your health. Click here to download the actual study paper. Some practical tips from the story:

  • Stand up to take phone calls
  • Walk to see a colleague rather than phoning or e-mailing
  • Have meeting standing up
  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift
  • Centralise things like rubbish bins and printers so you need to walk to them

Basically, what it is suggesting to do is increase your Background Activity (click here).  I love it when I am right! And my favorite quote was:

“‘Stand up, move more, more often”