Making use of “dead time”.

A very common excuse for people to give for not exercising, or increasing their activity levels, is that they are simply too busy.  They “don’t have enough time”.  Unfortunately, this excuse is bollocks.

Hair dyeing

We all have loads of “dead time” in our lives.  This is time where we are either just hanging around, or waiting for something to happen next.  Some people have more dead time than others, but we all have some.  One girl I train told me her fantastic way of making use of her dead time.  She dyes her hair, and needs to keep it in for 30 minutes.  Previously, she would just smooch around, watching the clock for half an hour.  But now, she jumps on her exercise bike and uses the in-built lock to time how long the dye has left! I couldn’t stop grinning when she told me about this!  Because I have no experience of dyeing hair, I had not thought of this at all.  But it is a bloody brilliant use of otherwise “dead” time! So take a look at your life and identify similar chunks of dead time.  Add up all the wasted time you spend waiting for things to start/end/change/boil/cook/set etc, then be honest with yourself…

…is your life really too busy?