The difference between a sweat session and a “clinic”.

Some people have been surprised when watching me coach clients.  They have expected a hard, rip-roaring sweat session…pushing people to the max like some drill sergeant. And to be honest, sometime that is my job.  Sometimes I do need to push people out of their comfort zone in order to get them to their goals. But the main part of my job is not simply getting people to do more (a sweat session). It is getting people to do better (a technical session).

And in these technical sessions, the emphasis is not on going harder/faster/stronger.  Instead it is on easing things up, looking at what we are doing and understanding more.  These sessions can include:

  • Simply learning how to move properly.
  • Learning what joints do what, and when they should and shouldn’t be used.
  • Learning a new move/exercise.
  • Re-learning an old move/exercise.

A prime example for these technical sessions are my Exercise Clinics (click here).  This is where from a physical point of view, it’s a quite easy session.  But we work hard on improving the way people perform basic and complex moves. And quite often, during these Clinics, I get someone coming up to me and saying something like:

“You’re not working very hard.  I thought you were that fitness bloke”.

Well, there is time and a place for working hard, and there is a time and a place for getting things right.  You need both of these things to improve, and it is my job as a coach to make sure people do both. So depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Who you are.
  • Your training background.
  • Your specific goals.
  • Your currant fitness/conditioning levels.
  • Your personality.

A training session with me may be an all out balls-to-the-wall beasting, or it could be a physically easy “technique” session, working on improving your biomechanics and movement skills. A beasting will improve you in the short term…but the Technique Clinic will improve you in the long term. So if you are interested in improving the way you exercise, or want to know the best way to do things for you, contact me (click here) today for one of my Exercise Clinics. Enjoy! And feel free to “share” this with your friends, using the buttons below…