Has the calorie had its day?

Have you noticed this story (click here)?  It is asking if we should change the way calories are marked on food labels. It is an interesting read.  It mentions how some foods are processed differently in the body, so this affects how many calories we get from them.  There are 3 bits in it that caught my eye:

“So when we are weighing up which ready meal to buy in the supermarket, we need to think about more than just the calories contained in food before we eat it – we need to consider how our body digests and processes it too.”


Which ready meal to eat??? Copyright Daily Mail.

I’d suggest that this demonstrates one of the main problems people have when trying to lose weight…deciding which ready meal to buy.   I hear it all the time from clients…should they choose this artificial, massively processed bit of fake food…or the other artificial, massively processed bit of fake food…because it has 4 fewer calories in it. Take a step back and look at the big picture.

  • Both ready meals are very highly processed.
  • Both have loads of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce properly.
  • The difference in calories is tiny, compared to the 3,500 you need to lose to reduce your fat by only 1 pound!

So it doesn’t really matter which ready meal you choose.  Because you shouldn’t be choosing either.

“What matters is eating healthily and that is not a precise art anyway”

“So don’t fret too much over the labels at the supermarket – eating sensibly is far more important.”

I love these lines!  Almost everything you need to know is in these lines of advice.

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And if you need any more help/advice, just contact me today.