How to: Do Tuck Jumps

Tuck Jump

Name:  Tuck Jumps Also known as:  (if you know this by any other name, leave a comment below). Main muscles used:  Legs. Other muscles used:  Hip flexors. Top tips:

  • Make sure you are on a non-slip surface.
  • The jump must be done fast and explosively.  It wont work if done slowly.
  • Bend the hips and knees as much as possible when in the air.
  • Aim to make a tight cannonball shape when in the air.
  • Think “lift the knees higher” to get in the correct position.
  • Land softly on the balls of your feet and let your ankles, knees and hips absorb the impact of the landing.
Tuck Jump

Tuck Jump

Common mistakes:

  • Not jumping high enough.
  • Not jumping quickly enough.
  • Failing to bend at the hips when in the air.  This ends up with “heels to the bum” instead of “knees to the chest”.

Comments: This is similar to the Squat Jump.  But ideally it does not start at such a great depth.  A lot more emphasis is places on the calf muscles in the lower leg and you want to think about “springing” into the air.  Although a certain threshold of leg strength is needed here, it is the speed and explosiveness of the move that is more important.  You must be able to jump, tuck yourself into a tight ball, then extend out again ready to land.  This simply wont happen if you move too slowly. While practicing this move, learn to get your knees up as high as possible.  This very tight cannonball position will become important in a future exercise…