How to: Do the Split Squat

Split Squat

Name:  Split squat. 
Also known as:
Main muscles used:  Legs, bum.
Other muscles used:

Top tips:

  • Both feet should be pointing directly forwards.
  • Both knees should bend directly forwards, in line with the feet.
  • The back knee should nearly touch the floor.
  • You should be in a long stance, so the back thigh is angled backwards and the front knee does not go infront of the front toes.
  • Work both legs equally.
  • Keep the upper body strong, tight and straight.

Split Squat

Common mistakes:

  • Having a stance that is too short, with the feet too close together.
  • Not bending the knees enough, so the back knee is miles from the floor.
  • Pointing the feet in any direction other than forwards.
  • Letting the front knee waggle from side to side.
  • Hunching the shoulders/chest forwards and curving the spine.

Comments: Because your legs are working much more independently of each other, it is easier to see any imbalances between the two.  If you do find imbalances, you can use the Split Squat to help reduce/eliminate them. It is also a good way to train your knees to point in the direction you want them to.  Many people naturally let their knees cave in as soon as they do any work.  The ability to control what your knees are doing can help prevent possible future injuries in them. If you like this article, please feel free to share it.