Recommended reading: Weight training during pregnancy – Lieke’s experience

Because a couple of people have asked me recently about training during pregnancy, I’ve found myself reading up loads on it (remember, I’m not claiming to be any kind of expert, so if you know better, please let me know).  But I just read this blog post (click here to read it) about one ladys personal experience of weight training during her pregnancy.

A woman with heavy weights…and she is NOT “bulky”! (

It’s a really nice read that will only take a couple of minutes, and she includes some fantastic “do’s and don’ts” advice. And if you have time, I suggest you take a good look around the whole website (  It is crammed full of top stuff.  It is aimed at women, but I (as a big, hairy, sweaty bloke) love it and have learned loads! I especially recommend it to the millions of women out there who are afraid to do any kind of resistance training (even afraid to do pressups!) in case they get “bulky”.