Why do you go training?

I was talking to a guy in the gym I work at and he was complaining that the satellite TV channels aren’t working.  It turns out that the main reason he comes is to watch the sports channels.  This reminded me again that we are all different.

  • He goes to the gym to keep active and watch TV that he does not normally see.
  • I do my Karate training to keep my brain awake and get the adrenaline surge I do not normally get.

We both exercise for very different reasons and we probably don’t fully “get” the other persons reasons…but that does not matter!  As long as we are both getting the consistent exercise in, it doesn’t really matter that much why.  And we probably wouldn’t do it if we had to follow the other persons reasons. I learned this valuable lesson from idiot PE teachers who simply had no concept of the fact that people might not love the same sports as they did.  And I try to keep this in mind when I coach people. It is not my job to make clones of myself and slag off anyone who does and thinks differently.  It is my job to see and recognise what the person in front of me does/doesn’t have.  Then build on that until they reach their personal goal.