Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

Some things are just more important than others. Some things just need to be nailed before others. Some things are just so fundamental that without them, other things are simply not going to work. Some examples include:

  • Getting a cars engine and chassis right before worrying about the paintwork.
  • Getting the foundations of a house right before worrying about the wallpaper.
  • Getting the fundamental compound exercises right before worrying about bloody bicep curls (did I mention that I will be covering this very topic in my Exercise Workshop on Sunday 4th July?  Click here for details :))

So I am trying to put together a small series of booklets about the fundamentals of being fit and healthy…and I need your help to proof read them for me (you know, check for spelling mistakes and to make sure I am not talking out of my own arse etc). So my first offering is as fundamental as I could get…It’s about our lifestyle in general. Click here to download the pdf document and let me know all the good/bad bits, spelling mistakes and your thoughts about it in general.  Leave a comment below or you can get in touch with me by clicking here. Hope you enjoy it!