Consistency part 3

OK, after this and this post, this will be the last rant about consistency.  But this comes about after spending 2 hours(!) in a waiting room yesterday with nothing but a pile of trashy womens magazines for company.

Every single one of them devoted page after page to the latest “celeb diet”…and every single one of them was shite!  (If any of you try the “lemon juice and cucumber” diet, you deserve to be pummelled round the head with both the lemon and cucumber!) But it did show me why people have a lack of consistency in their actions.  Faced with 10 useless but “easy” celeb diets on one page, it’s no wonder people jump from one to another. Don’t go miles out of your way to find the newest, most exotic diet on the market because it contains extract of some mysterious, endangered plant.  Keep it simple!  Eat and drink unprocessed, unmanufactured, natural food and drink and stop eating when you feel full.  Click here for simple rules to follow consistently to allow you to lose weight and eat healthy. That’s it.  Rant over.  But I had to let that out…I mean…2 hours in a waiting room!!