Consistency…an update.

Following on from my previous post about consistency, a couple of people came up to me to ask:

“So shouldn’t I change my current workout then?”

Due to me never reading my posts before I publish them, I want to be a politician for a moment and “clarify” what I meant… What I meant to say was…

“Be consistent in your plan“.

The Plan

Choose a particular plan (a particular diet, or training system etc) and the stick to it.  All half decent plans will have changes built into them (changes in volumes, intensities, frequencies etc, or Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced stages).  And in the good plans, these changes will be logical and progressive.  In other words, each new step will have been helped by a previous step and all steps combined will result in an ultimate goal. (As a side note, you can usually tell a bad plan by the lack of these logical, progressive changes.  The changes are just random and thrown together willy-nilly.) So avoid the following things:

  • jumping from one plan to another every couple of days/weeks as the fashions change and you read a new magazine.
  • ignoring your plan and finding excuses to do something else.
  • rigidly sticking to the exact same thing for months/years without any kind of progression or overall plan.

Devise yourself a logical, progressive plan (or you can contact me here if and I can do it for you) and then be…

“consistent in your plan”.

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