You want me to do WHAT to lose weight??

A couple of months back I wrote about the basics of the 3 main reasons people come to the gym to exercise.  One of these reasons is to lose weight.

Whenever people come to me for help with this, I always try to explain that doing exercise is only a small part of losing weight.  It is vitally important to look at their diet and change it for the better.  Without doing this, they are making weight loss a MUCH harder task.

Most people refuse to change how they eat/drink, thinking:

“I’m going to the gym twice a week…isn’t that enough?  I have to do MORE?”

But I read this report today (click here).  It tells how once a group of women were overweight, gentle exercise alone was not enough to control their weight.

“once overweight, it may be too late because physical activity – at least, at levels carried out by study participants – was not associated with less weight gain”

Exercise is vital for everyone.  I’m never going to tell people it isn’t.  But if your goal truly is to lose weight, exercise is only a part of the answer.  You must change your diet for the better if you are to succeed.

Otherwise you run the risk of failing  in your goal and giving up on exercise as “not working” for you.  And that would be terrible!

But if you are not sure how to improve your diet, just click here.

Good luck!