It’s the start of Lent. So what is your willpower like?

It was Pancake day yesterday, so that must mean today is the first day of Lent!  Traditionally the time when we give something up until Easter.

Perfect excuse to try changing your diet for the better.

Every single one of us already say to ourselves:

“My diet is pretty healthy as it is”.

But every single one of us can make it better.  So between now and Easter, don’t give yourself a massive, scary challenge like

“I will totally change my diet and make it perfect!”

It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Instead, change just 1 thing.  Change your “problem” food.  We all have a “problem” food.  This is the 1-3 foods in our diet that make up more than 3/4 of our problems.  Common examples of “problem” foods include:

  • Alcohol
  • Takeaway foods
  • Pre-packaged processed foods
  • Chocolate and sweets

Be honest with yourself, identify your “problem” food and try giving it up for Lent.  It only lasts 40 days!

But here is a top tip to help you give something up.

  • Don’t fixate on it.
  • Don’t count down the days until you can eat it again.
  • Don’t go round telling everyone “its been x days since I last ate it!”

If you do any of the above, you are telling yourself you are missing out on something and making yourself a slave to the food.  Try reminding yourself you are getting healthier than ever and improving your whole life.

Good luck!