Don’t be miserable and have a pancake!

I’m one of those people who are not at all religious, but still use holy days as an excuse to have a good time.

Tossing Pancakes

Tossing Pancakes

And today is Pancake Day!  So today I am going to eat lots of high calorie “bad” food.  But guess what?  I’m not going to feel at all guilty about it!  I have made today my “treat” day for the week, and I am going to enjoy myself and have food I probably won’t have for another year!

I normally reserve my “treat” day for either Friday or Saturday, but I didn’t want to be the miserable sod in the corner not enjoying pancakes, so I switched it to today.  And to make up for it, I’m going to be good this Friday and Saturday.  I can do that because it averages out over the week.

Don’t forget, eating well does not mean:

  • Having no social life
  • Never eating/drinking “bad” foods ever again
  • Being miserable and living like a monk.

It just means

“Being good most of the time”

I had this conversation with a person back at Halloween.  They were insisting that we should not give sweets/chocolate to kids on Halloween because it is bad for them (this was the same person who gave their kids coco-pops for breakfast every morning!).

I was saying that kids should be given sweets/chocolate for Halloween, because it only comes round once a year and it should be special…but then the kids should not be getting sweets and chocolate again until maybe Bonfire night, and then none until Christmas day.

Doing this:

  • Keeps those special days really special.
  • Gives people something to really look forward to.
  • Can be used as an incentive (“be good or you wont get your chocolate at Halloween/Bonfire night/Christmas.”)

Take a look at what I wrote about Background and Peak Activity.  See that if your Background Activity was good, your Peak Activity levels became less important?

The same goes for food.  If your Background diet is good, the effect of a bit of party food is less…but only if your background diet is good!

Find out if your background diet is any good or not by doing a food diary for a week.  Find out about food diaries by clicking here.