People with disabilities shouldn’t be in the gym


“People with disabilities shouldn’t be in the gym.”

That’s what I learned this morning and I’m still furious!  Here’s the story…

I started working with a client a couple of weeks ago.  He was involved in an incident a few years ago that left him with chronic injures and disabilities.  Because of this, his mobility, strength and state of mind have been effected and it is only very recently that he has started to feel that he has “control” over his future.

One of the things that has helped a great deal over the last couple of weeks, is the very simple fact that he has come back to the gym with me.

Nothing magic in that.  No mystic voodoo from the far east or anything.  It is just that he is now in a positive atmosphere and he can picture himself improving over time, and being able to do some of the things that he has not been able to physically do recently.

But…he found out today that he should not go to the gym anymore, because this will provide evidence that he does not have any disability and his compensation claim will suffer!

The logic being…


“You are in a gym, therefore you must not have any disabilities, therefore you should not get any help/benefits/compensation”


Are they seriously saying that people with disabilities should not be in the gym?


Disabled Athletes


These people are in a gym…that means they can’t have any form of disability, doesn’t it??

Everyone I know goes to the gym to improve their body in some way.  In other words, to make their body better than it is right now.

It says nothing about what our bodies are like at the moment…but how we want our bodies to be in the future!

Exercise is both a curative and preventative form of medicine.  And this stupid law firm is preventing this guy from taking his medicine!

It is as if they are saying:


“You are taking medicine…medicine makes you healthy…therefore you must be healthy…therefore you shouldn’t be taking medicine”.

Can you see the flaw in that reasoning?

Bloody idiots!  They have really pissed me off!  Can you tell?

Anyway, maybe I’m not understanding it properly in my rage.  Am I missing something here?  If so, leave a comment below and let me know.

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