Form follows function.

Most people asking me for training programmes do so for aesthetic purposes.  They want to lose weight, “tone up”, get big guns…in other words, they want to look better and don’t care about anything else.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with training to look better…but in my experience, people need to work hard and changes are fairly slow.  And this can be demoralising for anyone.  So many people “fall off the wagon”.

On the other hand, increasing your performance is usually quite easy in the short term, helping keep you motivated.  And a natural side effect of increased performance is that you also look better!

So my advice is…stop worrying about how you look, because this will just divert your mind from the aspects of training that actually make a difference

Start thinking about improving your Keystone Abilities and your performance of them…this change in perspective alone will almost certainly get you burning more fat and generating more muscle than any of the overpriced gimmicks on the market.

“Improve the function of your body and it’s form will naturally follow.”